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Math & English Classes

Course Description:

A course exploring the principles, practices, and standards, in teaching Mathematics and English to young children ages 6 to 11. An emphasis will be placed on designing a developmentally appropriate integrated Math and English curriculum that includes appropriate content, processes, and materials.

Our course will provide the students with the most effective methods and strategies to help children get their hands on Math & English Language. It is designed to improve their skills, knowledge, and confidence though differentiated instruction in a group setting and each of the student can complete the course at their own pace. 

If reading came naturally, teaching reading would either be a much easier job or not required. Children would learn to read as readily as they learn to speak. Teachers would only need to give students the chance to practice their skills. But children don't learn to read just from being exposed to books. Reading must be taught. For many children, reading must be taught explicitly and systematically, one small step at a time. That's why good teaching/teachers are so important.

We are currently offering a Foundation course for ages 6 to 9 and an Advanced Math/English course for ages 10 - 11. 

Foundation Course (ages 6-9) Curriculum :

The focus is to teach the students correct English, help them write effectively for their maturity level, gain an expanded vocabulary, learn basic math skills, and speed techniques from Vedic Math. Following are the main sections, the students are expected to be learning in this class: 

1.  Phonology

2.      Vocabulary

3.      Grammar

4.      Discourse (how sentences are put together), and

5.      Pragmatics (Rules about  how to use the language)

6.      Number and Operations

7.      Patterns and Measurement

8.      Word Problems & Algebraic Reasoning

9.      Graphs and Data Analysis

10.  Mean, Median, Mode


Advanced Course (ages 10-11) Curriculum:

The focus is to develop medium to advanced writing skills, successful application of comprehension strategies, skillful composition development, using punctuation appropriately, and recognize/apply grade appropriate vocabulary. Following are the main sections covered during this course:

1.      Vocabulary Skills

2.      Process Skills (Apply comprehension strategies to literary  and expository texts using think aloud prompts)

3.      Reading Comprehension

4.      Grammar Extension (Apply grammatical and mechanical conventions in written compositions)

5.      Conventions of Spelling (Use appropriate conventions when spelling and proofreading words with regular and variant spelling patterns)

6.      Speaking and Listening (Will demonstrate competence in speaking and listening in a variety of situations)

7.      Writing Skills (Will write to communicate ideas and information in clear, concise, organized language that varies in content and form for different audiences and purposes)

8.     Arithmetic & Basic Algabra

9.      Geometry & Trigonometry

10.  Introduce PSAT Syllabus 

        11. Guidance to prepare for OAT, Math Counts and Math Bee

Note: We're also offering ESL classes for adults, please contact us for more details.